Boost your attention

The 1st smartphone capsule developed with scientists, to grant you moments of micro-disconnection.

Real world? Digital world?

The challenge is choosing which world we want to focus on
throughout the day.

with all smartphones

Preserve attention
with a simple gesture

EMF-Proof = Secure
all your data

No need to switch off your phone or change your settings

Yuman.Case, the first patented capsule for smartphones, gives you the chance to treasure the moments of human or digital connection that matter most. Find your balance as a connected human.




Preserving Your Human•Digital


Slide your smartphone into the Yuman.Case: Live in the present moment and rediscover what it means to connect. Just press the button for your smartphone to reappear. You’ll find your digital world waiting for you: notifications, calls, emails, and messages.

My augmented


The Yuman.Case gives you the chance both at home and at the office to preserve your moments. Be deliberate. Slow down, tune in, and cherish the time you have chosen for yourself and others. The Yuman.Case: Create the conditions for your augmented present with a simple and visible gesture.

My Secure


Simply slide your smartphone into the Yuman.Case for protected data anytime, anywhere. The impenetrable Yuman.Case fortifies electromagnetic fields and secures anything from going in or out: GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi, Bluetooth.

At Yuman.x, our values sum up in 3 words...


Humans are at the heart of the Yuman.x design. For the past several years, a diverse team of experts boasting shared values has designed, developed, and delivered a high-tech product that perfectly responds to the daily needs of all around the globe. This is the Yuman.Case.


This capsule is the result of collaborative effort by expert engineers, master designers, and renowned sociologists. We are proud to present an innovative and sleek nonelectronic product with patented high-precision mechanics approved by global leaders CNRS and TÜV.


Having a product that is easy and fun to use is pertinent. The Yuman.Case blends natural and high-tech materials for a modern and sophisticated capsule. With a user-friendly design and patented opening mechanism, the Yuman.Case is both accommodating and comfortable for daily use.

... with emotion as a vector.