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Real World ? Digital World ?

The challenge is choosing which world we want to focus on throughout the day.

Compatible with all smartphone

Preserve your attention with a simple gesture

EMF-Proof = Secure all your data

No need to switch off your phone or change your settings

Yuman.Case, the first patented capsule for smartphones, gives you the chance to treasure the moments of human or digital connection that matter most. Find your balance as a connected human.

A Visible Gesture for an

Augmented Present

The Yuman.Case gives you the chance both at home and at the office to preserve your moments. Be deliberate. Slow down, tune in, and cherish the time you have chosen for yourself and others.

Everything rests on an intention, a will, an action. The Yuman.Case is a simple and visible gesture—chosen by you. Create the conditions for your augmented present.

My human•digital balance


Take advantage of the priceless gift of time. Just slide your smartphone into the Yuman.Case without having to touch or turn off any settings. Focus guaranteed. Live in the present moment and rediscover what it means to connect. Whenever you are ready, simply press the button and your smartphone reappears with all its active functions (email, notifications, messages, etc.). Virtual navigation can resume!

Cut electromagnetic fields to 95%

Protects your data

Aluminum alloy outer shell

Oak (wood) insert

Polymère en nid d'abeilles à mémoire de forme

Permettant de protéger et d'immobiliser votre smartphone quelle que soit sa taille

New and patented, fully - mechanical opening system

"Y" feet

For the stability of the Yuman.Case


& Design

Sustainability is an integral part of the Yuman.Case project. Expertly fashioned with natural oak and aluminum alloy, it blends natural and high-tech materials for a capsule that is sleek, modern, and durable.

It does not matter how big or bulky your smartphone is, just slide it into your Yuman.Case for easy protection. This versatile capsule is also compatible with smartphones equipped with a case. The unique and patented opening mechanism created by the Yuman.x team is characterized by its sophisticated and high-tech design.

Simply close the Yuman.Case lid and a flexible honeycomb foam specially developed by our team gently secures your phone and keeps it in place. Guaranteed protection no matter what. After two years of development, the perfect mix between design, pleasure, and technology was achieved.


Your Attention

In this world of constant digital distraction, the Yuman.Case lets you press pause and focus your attention for a more efficient you.

A High-Tech Product

Humans at the Very Heart

The Yuman.Case project was inspired by a sociological study on smartphone usage behavior. After many months of work and research, the greatest Yuman.Case team was born. The diverse Yuman.x R&D team was brought together by a shared passion and common values. This team of technical directors, engineers, and designers boasts over twenty years of experience from France and abroad. Two years of development has fashioned a stellar high-tech product guaranteed to respond to all your daily needs.

My secure


Simply slide your smartphone into the Yuman.Case for protected data anytime, anywhere. The impenetrable Yuman.Case fortifies electromagnetic fields and secures anything from going in or out: GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi, Bluetooth.

Yuman.x is proud to collaborate with two globally recognized partners to certify Yuman.Case performance.

The National Center for Scientific Research is one of the most renowned research institutions around the globe. Internationally recognized for its scientific merit, CNRS is a reference in the world of research and development. Yuman.x has joined up with CNRS at the University of Bordeaux to guarantee structural excellence of the Yuman.Case interior.

German institution TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) is a global leader in independent inspection services. TÜV awards product certification following rigorous inspection based on strict criteria to protect the environment and human health. The Yuman.Case will be submitted to real-life test protocols to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility.

*Tests are anticipated for early June subject to developments of the Covid-19 situation.

Your questions are already answered

Why choose the Yuman.Case?

While smartphones do have “airplane” and “do not disturb” modes, and turning them off is another option, we have to ask ourselves how often this happens. In fact, in-depth sociological research on smartphone usage behavior has demonstrated that an object must have a tangible, visible solution in order to be implemented. A user-friendly product easy to integrate into our daily lives therefore needed to be developed. From this, the Yuman.Case was born. Sleek, sophisticated, and high-tech, this smartphone capsule secures data and contains electromagnetic fields to gently mask digital distraction and ensure complete confidentiality of your information. What’s more, a simple gesture to demonstrate your full-on attention to others is most certainly a win-win!

When will the Yuman.Case go on sale?

Click here if you would like to be the first notified of our pre-order launch and receive exclusive content on the Yuman.Case progress.

Is the Yuman.Case compatible with all smartphones on the market?

Yes, the Yuman.Case has been developed to accommodate all smartphone sizes. This versatile capsule has also been designed with extra space to ensure it is also compatible with smartphones equipped with a case. The Yuman.Case is your guaranteed digital distraction tool for many years!

How does the Yuman.Case work?

The Yuman.Case is fully mechanical, so there is no need for a battery or power supply.

How long will I be covered by the warranty?

The Yuman.Case is guaranteed for 2 years.

What do I do if there is a problem?

We attach great importance to the quality of materials and assembly of our product. Product tests and verifications are constantly carried out to guarantee optimum quality. If you nevertheless find a defect during the 2-year warranty, you may return your Yuman.Case to us and we will send you a new one.

How do I know if the Yuman.Case is protecting my data by blocking electromagnetic fields?

The Yuman.Case was developed with CNRS at the University of Bordeaux and will be tested by the TÜV in Germany to guarantee structural excellence and capsule security. The results of these tests will be available on our website Once the electromagnetic fields are contained within the Yuman.Case, no data goes in or out (WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, 3G, 4G, and we even anticipated 5G!).