A capsule that blocks electromagnetic fields - tested and approved by the CNRS

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With the growing number of personal data theft and loss, protecting our digital privacy has become an important issue for many of us.

Our goal is to guarantee you complete peace of mind when it comes to your phone's protection. Just slip your phone in the Yuman.Case for data that is 100% secured, anywhere you are! Unfortunately, your phone's airplane and "do not disturb" modes are not equipped to block electromagnetic fields and prevent potential data theft.

So, we've come up with a sleek and high-tech EMF-free capsule that acts as your smartphone's safeguard—no more worries about data leaks!

Several weeks of testing at the CNRS at the University of Bordeaux have been conducted to calculate the capsule thickness necessary to contain electromagnetic fields over a very wide band of frequency from 0.1 to 26 GHz.

These tests are followed by calculations to define the "weak points" of the capsule’s architecture and tightness. This will pinpoint and correct potential leak points and help us ensure the Yuman.Case is completely airtight and equipped to block EMF! 

So, once your phone is placed in the Yuman.Case, nothing goes in and nothing comes out!  The Yuman.Case cuts electromagnetic fields to ensure complete protection of your personal data. 

Check out this photo of the tests that define the capsule’s capacity to contain electromagnetic fields:

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