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Our smartphone is an extraordinary tool that has changed the way we live, work, and connect with others... However, it is often pegged as bad news, which leaves us with only one alternative: disconnection.

But do we really have to choose?

In this digital day and age of constant virtual exchange, Yuman.x strives to offer through a simple and visible gesture moments of real connections, where listening takes on its full meaning. With the Yuman.Case, your phone and its breadth of possibilities is still within reach and ready to use.

Our values sum up in 3 words:

Human - Connect with yourself and others now more than ever before.

Technique - The best partners for the most successful products.

Design - The pleasure of the senses at the heart of the design.

With emotion as a common vector.

“The grandeur of a profession is...above all, uniting men: there is only one true luxury, that of human relationships.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

After fifteen years spent in the fast lane as Key Account Manager in the automotive industry, Yuman.x founder Laurent Taverne decided to reevaluate his life, redefine his place in society, and, above all, take time.

As he began to hear more talk of the implications of disconnection, this tech enthusiast decided to dive deep into how we use our smartphones from day to day. This led him to contemplate the connections that individually drive us. After much inspiration, a whole lot of research, and many encounters, he developed the Yuman.Case:

The first high-tech capsule for smartphones that preserves our connections both inside and outside the digital realm. The Yuman.Case gives you the chance whenever you need to preserve your attention and focus on the present moment.

What can you do with the Yuman.Case?

• Live a Yuman.x moment for an augmented present

• Stay connected to your social networks both inside and outside the digital realm

• Reclaim your human.digital balance and take back control of your days

• Protect your privacy and personal data

• Bring it with you wherever and whenever you want

• Gently mask digital distraction without having to turn off your phone or switch settings

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