At Yuman.x, our values sum up in 3 words...


Humans are at the heart of the Yuman.x design. For the past several years, a diverse team of experts boasting shared values has designed, developed, and delivered a high-tech product that perfectly responds to the daily needs of all around the globe. This is the Yuman.Case.


This capsule is the result of collaborative effort by expert engineers, master designers, and renowned sociologists. We are proud to present an innovative and sleek nonelectronic product with patented high-precision mechanics approved by global leaders CNRS and TÜV.


Having a product that is easy and fun to use is pertinent. The Yuman.Case blends natural and high-tech materials for a modern and sophisticated capsule. With a user-friendly design and patented opening mechanism, the Yuman.Case is both accommodating and comfortable for daily use.

… with emotion as a vector.

With Yuman.x, there’s

a different way to connect.

• Choose your moments when you want • Take back control of your days

• Stay connected to both your digital and human networks

• Protect your personal data and preserve your privacy

• No need to switch off your smartphone or touch any settings

The Research and Development Team


Founder of Yuman.x

After fifteen years as a Key Account Manager in the automotive industry...
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After fifteen years as a Key Account Manager in the automotive industry, Laurent decided to dedicate himself to what many today consider a luxury: time. This decision led him to reevaluate his life and, in April 2018, he began to collaborate with sociologists, researchers, engineers, and design officers who share his vision for a world of better connections. This is how the Yuman.Case was born. Yuman.x strives to go beyond an idea and invites us to contemplate, share, and promote human connections. Inspired by the force of coming together, Yuman.x continues to flourish and grow. The Yuman.Case is simply just the start…


Technical director

Yuman.x technical director Thibault graduated from Mines ParisTech...
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Yuman.x technical director Thibault graduated from Mines ParisTech with a master’s in general engineering. In 2011, he co-founded Insonomia, a firm specializing in innovative project development, following three years working as innovation manager of British design office Max Fordham in London.



A Engineer UTMB in mechanical design, Zakaria worked as collaborator in the field ...
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Engineer UTMB in mechanical design, Zakaria worked as collaborator in the field for 12 years before launching his own firm D-Signare. His experience encompasses the medical, automobile, aeronautic, and consumer designer industries. His expertise has led him to work in Europe, Asia, and North Africa.



Robin joined D-Signare after completing a master’s in mechanical engineering...
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Robin joined D-Signare after completing a master’s in mechanical engineering from ENSCBP. He has built up a plethora of experience in both the industrial and medical fields.



Didier has been a product designer for over thirty years following training from Design and...
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Didier has been a product designer for over thirty years following training from Design and Design. After working as a Projector, Project Manager, and Agency Designer, he founded his own firm in 1994 in Bordeaux.



Nicolas holds a BTS in Industrial Product Design as well as a degree in Design from the...
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Nicolas holds a BTS in Industrial Product Design as well as a degree in Design from the School of Design of Nantes Atlantique. He joined the Garrigos design team in 2012 after 7 years of experience working as a Designer for a sports products design office.

Yuman.x is proud to collaborate with two globally recognized
partners to certify Yuman.Case performance.

The National Center for Scientific Research is one of the most renowned research institutions around the globe. Internationally recognized for its scientific merit, CNRS is a reference in the world of research and development. Yuman.x has joined up with CNRS at the University of Bordeaux to guarantee structural excellence of the Yuman.Case interior.

German institution TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) is a global leader in independent inspection services. TÜV awards product certification following rigorous inspection based on strict criteria to protect the environment and human health. The Yuman.Case will be submitted to real-life test protocols to guarantee a minimum electromagnetic compatibility of 95%.*

*Tests are anticipated as soon as the sanitary conditions allow it.

The beginning of Yuman.x

Preserve Human•Digital Balance

Before development of the Yuman.Case began, Laurent sought to better understand how human behavior has evolved with the introduction of new communication technologies and, in particular, the smartphone. He discovered the DEVOTIC study, an international sociological investigation conducted over the span of four years by fifteen researchers under the supervision of Francis Jauréguiberry. A professor of sociology at the University of Pau, Jauréguiberry is a globally renowned sociologist and pioneer in the analysis of voluntary disconnection behaviors.

The conclusion of this study can be summed up in one sentence:

“Brief periods of disconnection, partial disconnection, limited disconnection, and chosen disconnection all demonstrate the universal nature of longing to withdraw through prolonged moments of introspection, meditation, or contemplation from this world of immediacy and urgency which too often forces us to react in an impulsive way.”

In other words, many of us want to stay connected but are aware of the importance of preserving short moments for ourselves, to find our own "Human.Digital" balance.

A Significant Encounter

Laurent had the opportunity to meet Francis Jauréguiberry and discuss with him smartphone usage behavior at length.

The founder of Yuman.x came to understand that smartphone functions such as "airplane" or "do not disturb" mode do little or nothing to curb our daily use. Why? Due to their transparency, these functions lack the definitive motions needed to switch from one mode to another.

The need to materialize these break times using a dedicated capsule becomes obvious. A simple storage compartment was not the solution. A sleek and enjoyable product that is both easy to use and capable of quickly integrating into everyday life was needed.

The objective then became to assemble a team of experts ensuring a well-rounded understanding of this proven and growing need. With an audience of more than five billion users, this team also had to possess rich international experience to successfully promote from brand to product a multicultural touch.

After many months and trials, the greatest Yuman.Case team was born. Sixty women and men have come together to create the Yuman.x brand and design the Yuman.Case, a high-tech durable product for all. We are excited to report that our team is still growing as others join us on this adventure!

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