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The Yuman.Case
The concrete way to put people back
at the heart of your business



Imagine offering your employees at the office a completely new experience: time without digital distraction. And while “airplane” and “do not disturb” modes do exist, we might want to ask ourselves how often they are truly used. Plus, do they protect your data? How can you help your employees better establish the line between private and professional life?

• Give your employees the chance to gently mask digital interruptions with a simple and visible gesture while keeping smartphones close by

• Keep things confidential during meetings and appointments

• Protect sensitive data by preventing data leakage

• Help your teams improve their concentration and efficiency

• Demonstrate your consideration for your employees by bringing your Yuman.Case with you to interviews, meetings, and gatherings

• Give your teams a personalized gift with your company name or logo which can be kept at work or brought back home



A first impression can make or break your business. So, seal the deal and demonstrate your consideration for prospects or clients with a simple and visible gesture. Simply slide your smartphone into the Yuman.Case for an effortless nod to your undivided attention.

• Give to clients for a valuable gift that they will remember

• Use the Yuman.Case to promote your company with customizable names and logos

My Secure


Ensure complete confidentiality anytime, anywhere. Bluetooth, GSM, 3G, 4G, or even 5G: the impenetrable Yuman.Case secures anything from going in or out and is guaranteed to protect your data. Data leakage is now a thing of the past!

Compatible with all smartphones

Preserve attention with a simple and visible gesture

EMF-Proof = Secure all your data

No need to switch off your phone or change your settings

The 1st high-tech capsule compatible with all smartphone sizes